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About disability, for disability, by disability
"Embracing the word disabled, fighting the urge and the conditioning that demands we distance ourselves from it, is a powerful illustration of self-determination in action. It epitomizes how far the disability community has come. By deciding what we want to call ourselves, owning it, we claim our power and celebrate the history and the community advocacy that made it possible."
- Lawrence Carter- Long

David Harrell

Actor & Advocate

David Harrell is an international award-winning actor, speaker and disability advocate, originally from Brunswick, Georgia, now residing in New York City. Most recently he performed Off- Broadway in the New York revival of The Artificial Jungle by Charles Ludlum and in the New York Times Critic’s pick The Healing by Samuel D. Hunter. ABC television’s casting executives selected him to perform in the 2015 ABC Discovers New York Talent Showcase at New World Stages. He produced and performed in the short film The Siblinings Liebencrantz winning “Best Filmmaker” in the 2017 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. His short film Lefty & Loosey won “Best Film” in the 2016 Disability Film Challenge and “Best International Actor” in the 2016 Focus on Ability Film Festival in Sydney, Australia.

David Rotter

Past, present, and future of prosthetics

David is an American Board Certified and Illinois Licensed Prosthetist, Orthotist and Pedorthist with over 20 years of experience. His home office is the Scheck and Siress lab located at the University of Illinois Medical Center.

David, the clinical director of prosthetics for all of Scheck and Siress, is a member of the board of directors and is the chairman of the board of AOPS central fabrication.

David is Scheck and Siress’ “creative solution” expert. He has come up with unique designs to fit challenging cases.  He fits many hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients along with multiple limb involved patients.  David is also Scheck and Siress’ fitting expert for upper-extremity prosthetics.  He has extensive experience in both pediatric and adult management. He additionally specializes in sports related prosthetics and works with many para amputee runners and athletes many of whom are competitive on the world stage.  David also works with many active veterans.

Matt Glowacki

Diversity Speaker

Matt is the #1 booked diversity speaker for college & university campuses. He has delivered his messages of diversity to over a million people and two sitting Presidents of the United States. His presentations teach students how to find happiness, develop a better understanding of social justice and diversity, and how to see potential in themselves and overcome personal disabilities and challenges. Matt has been awarded Campus Activities Magazine’s 2014 Best Speaker, and Best Diversity Artist for 2010 and 2013

Adam Ballard

Americans with Disabilities Act

Established in 1980, Access Living is a change agent committed to fostering an inclusive society that enables Chicagoans with disabilities to live fully–engaged and self–directed lives. Nationally recognized as a leading force in the disability advocacy community, Access Living challenges stereotypes, protects civil rights and champions social reform. Their staff and volunteers combine knowledge and personal experience to deliver programs and services that equip people with disabilities to advocate for themselves. Access Living is at the forefront of the disability rights movement, removing barriers so people with disabilities can live the future they envision.

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