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MARRIED! Missnicoleg{KELLY} TO MissNicoleg{MARTI}

Nate and I shifted wedding plans a handful of times - our most recent plan was to marry in Keokuk on January 28th. Due to my father's hospitalization with complications related to his brain cancer, it become clear that this plan would no longer work.

Nate and I decided to marry in the University of Columbia Hospital Chapel on the 28th with immediate family in attendance. Despite the sad circumstances, our family wants you to know it was a wonderful day full of love & joy.

For further updates on Nicole's Father and his battle with Glioblastoma please check out

Here are a few photos from Nikki & Nate's wedding day thanks to the hospital Chaplin's daughter, Abby, and a few sneak peek photos from our quick morning photo session with Amanda Musselman Photography.


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